AZO® Urinary & Vaginal Support Bundle

AZO® Urinary & Vaginal Support Bundle

This product combo is a drug-free solution for addressing the common cycle of urinary tract and yeast issues.* AZO® Dual Protection is a synergistic combination of probiotic and prebiotic for both vaginal and urinary support.* For additional protection, AZO® D-Mannose provides a clinical strength serving of D-Mannose to helps cleanse the Urinary Tract.* Take both products as part of your daily routine.l health.

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AZO® Urinary & Vaginal Support Bundle

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Great product

The products are easy to use and I feel so much better. Thank you so much for such great products.
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Product Benefits

Your feminine microbiome is important for both vaginal and urinary health. Everyday things like stress, your cycle, sex and certain medications like antibiotics or the pill can disrupt the balance of your feminine microbiome.

  • The first of its kind Feminine Health prebiotic helps guard the urinary tract and fight unfriendly bacteria.*
  • AZO® D-Mannose provides clinical strength D-Mannose to help flush your urinary tract and protect it from bacteria adhesion.*
  • Take both products as part of your daily routine. Enhance your vaginal and urinary health routine today with AZO®, the #1 most trusted urinary health brand.†

Backed by Science

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prebiotics can induce the growth or activity of beneficial microorganisms (probiotics). The unique feminine health prebiotic in AZO® Dual Protection helps fight unfriendly bacteria to maintain a healthy microbiome and urinary tract health.* It can also boost the IntellifloraTM probiotic blend by 4 fold.*

Probiotics are live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host. More simply, they are good bacteria that you can add to your health regimen for a variety of benefits.

Lactobacilli dominate a healthy vaginal microbiota. Menstrual cycles, sexual activity, diet, certain medications, hygiene, and other factors can occasionally disrupt the vaginal microbiome. The INTELLIFLORATM blend in AZO® Dual Protection has been clinically demonstrated to contribute to the colonization of these important lactobacilli in the vagina.* The result: restoring the natural balance of good bacteria and yeast to maintain vaginal health.*

Typically, the microorganisms used to produce yogurt are chosen to achieve a texture and flavor, not to provide vaginal or urinary health benefits.

All supplement use should be discussed with your healthcare professional. Since the feminine health prebiotic has not yet been studied in pregnant women we do not suggest taking during pregnancy.

AZO® D-Mannose supports a healthy urinary tract by helping to cleanse, flush and protect the urinary tract to maintain cleanliness.*

Yes, AZO® D-Mannose is a dietary supplement recommended to be taken daily to help maintain a healthy urinary tract.*

We recommend you to speak with your healthcare professional about taking D-mannose with other products, however, there is no scientific reason to believe there is a concern with D-mannose and other products.

Yes, AZO® D-Mannose suitable for vegan/vegetarian diets. Vegetarian capsule from cellulose.


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