The AZO® Answer to Vaginal Health Concerns

AZO® Urinary Tract Defense & AZO® Urinary Pain Relief are not intended to replace antibiotics but can help relieve UTI pain and slow bacteria growth. Rx antibiotics are needed to cure the infection.

Itching, odor, & discharge... oh my?

You've got vaginal health concerns and AZO® Products can help! Our clinically studied range of products are expertly formulated to help balance vaginal pH and help reduce the symptoms associated with Vaginal Infections. Whether you need support to determine if you have a bacterial or fungal infection or are looking for relief from vaginal itching, burning, discharge, & fish like odors, AZO® has your back.** Discover the AZO® Answer to Vaginal Health & Wellness below.

Help Me AZO®


Proactive daily approach made to maintain your natural defenses and support vaginal wellness.*



Helps determine the type of vaginal infection and the appropriate next steps. Did you know that women’s self-diagnosis of vaginal infection based on their symptoms are incorrect over 50% of the time?


Around 75% of Women will have at least 1 yeast infection in their lifetime



For occasional use to help support odor control and promote balance by maintaining vaginal pH in the normal acidic range.



Helps relieve itching, burning and irritation of a yeast infection.**



Made to help restore balance of good bacteria & yeast after antibiotics or anti-fungal treatments.* Take daily.


Do you experience reoccurring Vaginal or Urinary Tract Issues?

The Vicious Cycle

The feminine microbiome is essential for vaginal and urinary health. Stress, the menstrual cycle, sex, aging and medications like antibiotics can disrupt this microbiome, leaving women susceptible to vaginal or urinary infections. Ever had a UTI and after getting antibiotics, you get a vaginal infection? When antibiotics are taken for infections like UTIs or bacterial vaginosis (BV), it wipes out the infection causing bacteria and the protective bacteria, leading to an imbalance. This can lead to a common recurrence of issues or a new issue altogether! Help stop this vicious cycle with the help of AZO® Dual Protection that supports the feminine microbiome and helps protect urinary and vaginal health.*

Protect your Urinary Health with AZO® Products*