AZO® Urinary & Vaginal Wellness Bundle

AZO® Urinary & Vaginal Wellness Bundle

This product bundle is a great way to maintain urinary and vaginal health every day. AZO® D-Mannose is clinically proven to help cleanse, flush & protect the urinary tract for ongoing urinary healthy support.* AZO Complete Feminine Balance® is a daily probiotic that restores the natural balance of good bacteria and yeast in the vagina.

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AZO® Urinary & Vaginal Wellness Bundle

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Feminine issues? you'll be glad you tried this

This works. I'm back to a regular flora and no more dryness.
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Product Benefits

If you have suffered urinary issues, you know how much better you can feel with a healthy urinary tract. AZO® D-Mannose offers a clinical strength serving and is a daily approach to help flush your urinary tract and helps protect from bacteria adhesion.* The capsules are convenient and easy to swallow.

AZO Complete Feminine Balance® Daily Probiotic is specifically formulated to help keep your natural balance in check. It is powered by INTELLIFLORATM, a multi-strain probiotic blend that is clinically proven to:

  • Restore and maintain the balance of good bacteria and yeast*
  • Optimize and help maintain a healthy vaginal pH*
  • Create an ideal environment for healthy microflora to flourish*
  • Support a natural defense to maintain feminine health*

Take both products as part of your daily routine.

Backed by Science

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Frequently Asked Questions

AZO® D-Mannose supports a healthy urinary tract by helping to cleanse, flush and protect the urinary tract to maintain cleanliness.*

AZO® D-Mannose provides the dose used in a clinical trial to help cleanse and protect the urinary tract.

For clinical strength support, take 4 capsules (2000mg) with or without food once daily.

For the dose used in clinical studies, it is recommended to take the full dose for maximum benefit.

AZO Complete Feminine BalanceTM is a daily probiotic supplement designed for the unique needs of women. Many everyday things can throw off your balance (stress, sex, pregnancy, aging, even medications! This product supports your feminine health and maintain a healthy pH so that you can own your day! It contains INTELLIFLORATM: a probiotic blend of four lactobacilli that are associated with vaginal health* (Lactobacillus crispatus LBV 88, Lactobacillus rhamnosus LBV 96, Lactobacillus jensenii LBV 116, and Lactobacillus gasseri LBV 150.) The INTELLIFLORATM blend has been shown in clinical studies to help restore and maintain the healthy balance of the vaginal microbiota.*

Lactobacilli dominate a healthy vaginal microbiota. Menstrual cycles, sexual activity, diet, certain medications, hygiene, and other factors can occasionally disrupt the vaginal microbiome. The INTELLIFLORATM blend in AZO Dual Protection TM has been clinically demonstrated to contribute to the colonization of these important lactobacilli in the vagina.* The result: restoring the natural balance of good bacteria and yeast to maintain vaginal health.*

AZO Complete Feminine BalanceTM should be taken orally. Take one (1) capsule daily. Clinical studies using the blend of probiotic strains in AZO Complete Feminine BalanceTM demonstrated benefits in as little as 7 days, but for optimal results, continued daily use is suggested.

AZO Complete Feminine BalanceTM is a daily probiotic supplement designed for the unique needs of women. Researchers that formulated the blend started by selecting species that are dominant in the healthy vaginal microbiota. Then they further refined the formula by selecting strains of probiotics that flourish in the vagina. The blend is clinically proven to help protect vaginal/feminine health.*


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