Cranberry Urinary UTI

Urinary Tract Protection

Urinary Tract Protection

A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can be a pain. Several pains, in fact. You may feel UTI pain when you urinate, in your urethra and in your back. Pain has a very basic role–it’s your body’s way of telling you, “Hey! I need a little help here!” Unfortunately, that may be about all the pain can tell you. It’s your job to look at the rest of your symptoms to see just what help is actually needed.

Ok Ladies, It’s important to begin this by saying that there are a lot of steps you can take to help protect your urinary tract. Some include a defensive approach, to handle the situation once it’s occurred. Others are all about the offense—taking a proactive approach to urinary tract health.


Sure, sure. Mom always said to take care of yourself and your urinary tract. Not that it was ever easy, even in her day. But in today’s busy world, how do we pack so much into our schedules without forgetting something?

It’s all about the routine. What do you do every day without thinking? Brush your teeth? Take a shower? Check your Facebook and last night’s snap stories? Is maintaining a healthy urinary tract part of this list? If not, it should be!


You’ve probably heard the conventional wisdom––cranberries have long been associated with urinary tract health. They’re jam-packed with antioxidants. And sure, lots of fruits have antioxidants. But recent studies suggest that proanthrocyanidins (PACs) in cranberries may keep bacteria from sticking and multiplying.1 Let me translate: basically, PACs are compounds that hang up a ‘No Vacancy’ sign for the bacteria that can cause a UTI.2


Some say it’s best to take supplements with food. Some say it’s best to take them at a certain time of the day. It’s up to you, but everyone agrees that it’s important to take them regularly.3 Make it a part of your daily routine. Put them right by your bed, or your mascara, or your phone. Wherever you’re likely to think of it every day.

Maintaining a healthy urinary tract will do wonders for your health and mood! Doing so is key to avoiding problems like UTIs. Adding AZO Cranberry® products to a structured daily routine is a step in the right direction towards urinary tract health. Set a reoccurring alarm in your calendar and take them with your favorite snacks. The association will help get you in a routine that will last. Eventually your urinary tract health will be something you maintain every day—while hardly even thinking about it at all.*