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9 Things That Throw Off Your Vaginal pH Balance

9 Things That Throw Off Your Vaginal pH Balance

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Everyday Elements Impact Vaginal pH and Health

From stress to diet, what you wear, or even sex—everyday things can disrupt delicate vaginal pH and throw off the balance of good bacteria and yeast in the vagina. This balance is crucial for your overall well-being, so while daily life is throwing curveballs at you, AZO® Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic is designed to help keep things level. Let's explore what can mess with your vaginal pH and how to handle it.

  • Stress Can Affect the Immune System, Making You Prone to Vaginal Imbalance

    Stress and vaginal health doesn't just mess with your head—it can mess with your body too, including your vaginal balance. Stress impacts your immune system, making it easier for your vagina to get out of whack. Finding ways to manage stress, like mindfulness or exercise, can help keep your vagina healthy.

    • Yeast and Bacteria Thrive on High-Sugar Diets

      Too much sugar isn't just bad for your waistline—it's bad for your vagina too. High-sugar diets mess with the balance of yeast and bacteria down there, which can lead to issues. Eating balanced meals with fruits, veggies, and whole grains can help keep your vaginal environment happy.

      • Fancy Fragrances and Chemicals Can Alter Your Normal Vaginal pH

        Scented soaps and lotions might smell nice, but they can cause problems down below. Fragranced products mess with your vagina's pH and can lead to discomfort and issues. Choosing fragrance-free products for vaginal care is an easy fix.

        • Hormone Changes During Pregnancy Can Often Affect Your pH

        Pregnancy brings a lot of changes, including hormonal ones that can affect your vaginal pH. These changes can make you more prone to issues. Regular check-ups with your doctor can help you stay on top of things.

        • Tight Clothes Trap Heat and Moisture, Creating a Perfect Home for Non-Beneficial Bacteria to Grow

        Skinny jeans might look cute, but your vagina doesn't like them. Tight clothes trap heat and moisture, which is perfect for bacteria that you don't want down there. Wearing loose, breathable clothes can help keep your vagina happy.

        • Chemicals in Certain Lubricants Can Mess with Your Vaginal Balance

        Lube can make sex more comfortable, but some kinds have chemicals that mess with your vaginal pH. Choosing natural, water-based lubes can keep things fun without messing with your health.

        **Fun Fact: The pH of semen is different from your vagina's, which can throw things off balance. It's natural, but paying attention to how your body reacts can help you keep things in check.

        • Certain Medications Can Throw Off Your Vaginal Flora

        Some meds, like antibiotics, can mess with the good bacteria, making it difficult to maintain your vaginal flora. Talking to your doctor about potential side effects can help you deal with them, like taking probiotics for women.

        • Thongs Make It Easy to Transfer Fecal Bacteria to the Vagina

        Thongs might be cute, but they can bring bacteria from your butt to your vagina, leading to issues. Choosing undies made from breathable fabrics and avoiding thongs when you can will help lower your risk and improve your vaginal health.

        • Menstrual Hormone Changes Can Disrupt Your Vaginal pH

        Hormonal changes during your period can affect your vaginal pH. Paying attention to your body during this time can help you keep your vagina healthy.

        Maintain The Balance Of Good Bacteria And Yeast To Support Vaginal Health*

        With everyday challenges, AZO® Complete Feminine Balance™ Daily Probiotic has your back. Powered by Intelliflora™ blend, this probiotic supports your vagina's natural defenses, helping you handle life's ups and downs while working to help keep your vaginal health intact.* By adding AZO® Complete Feminine Balance™ to your routine, you're taking charge of your overall vaginal health and wellness.*