Make everyday "V" Day!

A celebration of you, your vagina, and your urinary tract - a Healthy Woman is a Happy Woman


Loving the AZO!!

AZO® always has the best over the counter products for urinary & bladder problems. Nothing is more effective than this for me.


AZO® UTI & Vaginal pH Test Kit

The AZO® UTI & Vaginal pH Test Kit contains two diagnostic tests that can help you determine in minutes if your symptoms may be related to a UTI, vaginal yeast infection or other vaginal infections.  

What’s in the Box

  • (1) Urinary Tract Infection Test 
  • (1) Vaginal pH Test 

AZO® Dual Protection Urinary + Vaginal Support Capsules

A unique prebiotic & probiotic blend made specifically to support a healthy feminine microbiome.*

AZO® Dual Protection is designed to help restore your bacterial balance to support urinary and vaginal health.* It starts working within 24 HOURS!

AZO® Boric Acid Suppositories

Vaginal suppositories to support odor control and balance pH

AZO® Boric Acid Suppositories are your go-to for balancing yeast & embarrassing odor causing bacteria linked to common factors like menstruation, sex, menopause & even certain medication. Take when you notice an imbalance in pH or odor for a refreshed feeling.

AZO® Urinary Pain Relief Maximum Strength Tablets

UTI symptom relief in as little as 20 minutes

Get fast over-the-counter relief with AZO® Urinary Pain Relief Maximum Strength.

AZO® Cranberry Gummies

Promote urinary health the effective—and delicious—way.*

Delicious AZO® Cranberry Gummies are made with clinically proven Pacran®, a super-concentrated, whole fruit cranberry powder, proven to help cleanse the urinary tract.*